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What is My Star Award?

My Star Award

Our star awards are a revelation in dance and arts teaching resources.

We’ve worked hard to create a resource that feels valuable to the child, professional to their parents, and bespoke, adaptable and easy to implement to you.

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Why it’s different?

Our system has been designed to be a little different to a regular star card, your pupils won’t just get rewarded for showing up. We’ve carefully researched and considered what your children need from us as teachers.

It’s designed to work alongside showtime and exam classes, and to make sure that your pupils think about your school when they are away from the studio.

It’s also designed to be a system that ensures that we as teachers are thinking harder, being more creative, and not just teaching by rote, in turn giving your students a better learning experience.

We are able to personalise your cards to your school, your logo will be placed on the cards and you will be able to approve the design. We will adapt the goals to precisely match your school’s requirements.

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How does it work?

The Answers You Need

Why we picked our facets?

Each facet was selected to compliment class or show work, and to focus on all the things we believe are required in dance class to help our students to meet their developmental goals safely and in good time.

1 knowledge  - we’re developing autonomous dancers who are confident in their ability

2 artistry  - we’re developing dancers who are brave enough to tell us their stories

3 appearance - we’re developing dancers who take pride in their identity as a dancer

4 determination - we’re developing dancers who aren’t scared to make mistakes

5 musicality - we’re developing dancers who feel the music inherently

6 improvement - we’re developing dancers who know how to work till they achieve their goal

7 co-ordination - we’re developing dancers who take on tricky skills and ace it

8 creativity - we’re developing dancers who remember their skills at home too

9 commitment - we’re developing Dancers.

How many levels are there?

We run 7 levels in our school but this can be adapted as required.

What age students do you use it with?

All our pupils from 3 to 16! We were astounded that our senior students wanted to do it too!

How do you use the system?

We’ve designed the system to be very versatile. We realised that our students are all at very different stages of development and we needed a system that could be adapted on the fly. You have a little one who is flying? She’s learned how to timestep at 7? Give her that co-ordination star! Then that little one whose tried so so hard? She’s finally worked out how to skip properly? Give her co-ordination! We need our teachers to actively know and understand our pupils and this system will help your teachers to develop this skill.

What is the reward?

We reward our dancers for completing their cards with a beautiful enamelled star pin, the whole kit can be ordered or you can pick your own prize.

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To chat with us about your need, get your quote and personalised sample created drop us a line. 
We're so excited to be sharing our successful scheme with all the amazing dance teachers out there.

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  • Chrissy was just so helpful with my requests to make the reward cards my own and relevant to my school and classes. All my questions were dealt with efficiently and quickly with suggestions to help bring ideas to life. What makes it even better is that Chrissy has so much knowledge of dance schools.

Sarah Munday - Roynon Performing Arts

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